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Events, Training, and Education

BioFlex is dedicated to the education of practitioners with regard to all aspects of Laser Therapy.

Comprehensive Laser Therapy Educational Programs are provided for all healthcare professionals at our training facility in Toronto, in addition to various locations across North America. Programs, which include Laser Certification and Advanced Trainings are the gold standard in the laser industry and ensure that all systems will be used effectively in order to produce optimal clinical outcomes.

Our International Laser Conference features presentations by some of the world's leading authorities regarding laser therapy and offers healthcare practitioners and researchers in the field the opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge.

BioFlex Certification

Two-day BioFlex certification workshops are held monthly at our training facility in Toronto, Canada and are attended by clinicians from across the world. Plus, we travel across North America to bring training to you.


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We bring everything you need to know about laser therapy to the comfort of your home or office through our free monthly webinars. Covering a wide variety of topics from the basics of laser therapy practice, to addressing your most complex clinical challenges, we provide an opportunity for ongoing learning for you and your staff.

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Workshops & Master Classes

Held at various locations around North America, our workshops and Master Classes are face-to-face opportunities to connect with other laser professionals and learn extensively about the topic of the day.

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