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Robbie Adams April 16th 2018

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Mental Health

Approximately 48.3 million adults in the United States are faced with a mental health condition each year, and 9.8 million of those are serious conditions that limit the activities of everyday life.

In Canada In 2012, a total of 2.8 million Canadians aged 15 and older, or 10.1%, reported symptoms consistent with at least one of the following mental or substance use disorders: major depressive episode, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and abuse of or dependence on alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

Mental Health

Over the course of the lifetime, rates of substance use disorders were higher than the rates for mood disorders.  About 6 million Canadians met the criteria for substance use disorder, while 3.5 million met the criteria for mood disorder.

Among U.S. and Canadian adults aged 18-44, mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder are now the third most common reason for hospitalizations.


Exercising regularly and eating a healthful diet can boost mental health and well-being significantly, help to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, and increase endorphins responsible for happiness.

So with mobile technology at our finger tips, we now have direct access to countless levels of information – Health information from various professional sources that not too long ago would seem beyond comprehension and almost  Star Trek type Science Fiction. “I am a Doctor, not a miracle worker!” Comes to mind.


The Mobile ‘Doctor’

Apps are now available for everything these days  from shopping to entertainment and travel. Apps that claim to help look after your mental health and well-being are also available. Here are some of the better quality Apps that focus on protecting or improving mental health using methods including meditation, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and providing a valuable support network.

Mobile App People

So time to dive into that ongoing frontier Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy’ and boot up your Android or iOS ‘Tricorder’ and download some Apps to make even Spock ‘GREEN’ with envy!

Note 8 and Apps

Moodnotes – Available for iPhone

mood notes

Moodnotes is a thought journal and mood diary. The app can be used to capture your feelings and improve your thinking habits through the implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology.

If you happen to enter a “thinking trap,” Moodnotes will provide suggestions and useful perspectives to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Progress is viewable in the helpful “Insights” dashboard.

Headspace – Available for iPhone and Android


Headspace uses mindfulness and meditation to help you perform at your best each day. The app’s mission is to provide you with the essential tools to achieve a happier, healthier life.

Whether you need to build healthier relationships, find a place of calm, keep your mind fit, or reduce stress, Headspace has hundreds of themed mindfulness and meditation sessions to support you.

Moodnotes is a thought journal and mood diary. The app can be used to capture your feelings and improve your thinking habits through the implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology.

If you happen to enter a “thinking trap,” Moodnotes will provide suggestions and useful perspectives to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Progress is viewable in the helpful “Insights” dashboard.

Calm – Available for iPhone and Android


calm app

Calm is one of the more popular and recognized applications in this genre. The app is designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and help you to feel happier.

Calm focuses on the four key areas of meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation, with the aim of bringing joy, clarity, and peace to your daily life.

The app delivers meditations that can help you to distress, as well as breathing programs, music, and sounds from nature to relax your mind and body and promote better sleep.

Calm is the perfect app if you are new to meditation, but it also offers programs for more advanced users. Meditation sessions are available in lengths of 3-25 minutes, to fit in with your schedule. This is an App Commander Spock would recommend just before one engages in ‘Pon farr’

Moodpath – Available for iPhone and Android

Mood Path AppMoodpath is your pocket-sized mental health companion. Think of it as your personal Tricorder for the brain. Whether you are facing a rough patch or have concerns about your mental health, the app’s goal is to support you through the difficult times and guide you out the other side.

Moodpath asks daily questions in order to assess your well-being and screen for symptoms of depression. The screening progress aims to increase your awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

After a period of 2 weeks, the app generates an electronic document that you can discuss with a healthcare professional. Impressive… Most impressive… Imagine this in the hands of Darth Vader… Opps. Wrong movie…

SuperBetter – Available for iPhone and Android


Super Better

So you might be asking… Where are all the apps that are ‘game related’ in this genre that can help me and keep me focused and interested? ‘Well the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ so I introduce to you, SuperBetter. This is a game focusing on increasing resilience and the ability to remain strong, optimistic, and motivated when presented with challenging obstacles in life.

A study by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that when people played SuperBetter for 30 days, their mood improved, symptoms of anxiety and depression decreased, and self-belief to achieve goals increased.

The app claims to help you to adopt new habits, improve your skills, strengthen relationships, complete meaningful projects, and achieve lifelong dreams. Seems like an App that James T. Kirk could have used on a few occasions…

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis – Available for iPhone and Android


anxiety relief

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is an app suggested to help improve relaxation and reduce anxiety within just 1-3 weeks of use.

The app’s developers say that hypnosis can decrease anxious thoughts and enhance your response to relaxation, which, in turn, resets your behavior and enables an improved response to stress.

The app provides an audio session read by a certified hypnotherapist together with calming music and sounds from nature to aid relaxation. The “awaken at end” feature can be disabled to allow you to fall into restful sleep at bedtime.

7 Cups – Available for iPhone and Android


7 cups App

Are you an avid coffee drinker? Will this app has absolutely nothing to do with coffee drinking. If you are feeling lonely, sad, stressed, or worried, 7 Cups could be the perfect app for you. It provides online therapy and emotional support for anxiety and depression.

There are more than 160,000 trained listeners and licensed therapists who are available to anonymously speak with 24/7. Speak your mind and confide in listeners without the fear of being judged.

These listeners can be searched for based on their experience or their specialties, such as bullying, panic attacks, eating disorders, relationship breakups, and many more. Affordable therapy with an online therapist can commence one-to-one in a confidential setting.

Happify – Available for iPhone and Android

Happify App

Happify is a space to overcome negative thoughts and stress and build resilience. Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious, or sad, Happify helps you to regain control of your thoughts and feelings.

Happify employs techniques and evidence based interventions in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychology, and mindfulness to help you break old and unhealthful patterns and form new, healthful habits.

The app offers activities and games to improve your life satisfaction and ability to fight negativity. Any app that has ‘happy’ in the title gets points immediately from Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen “Scotty” the ‘miracle worker’…

So there you have it. BioFlex Laser’s recommended choice of positive thinking apps to download and to boldly take you where no one has gone before… Angry birds and Angry Pigs need not apply…

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