Amber Green; December 14, 2017

Yes, It’s Snowing…


Heavy Snow Fall

The warmth and comfort of your bed calls to you, but the day must begin. As you carefully stand- gingerly trying to relax and move your stiff, arthritic joints after a night of sleep- you see what so many of us living in colder climates awaken to at this time of year. Yes, it’s snowing. Again. And there’s a lot of it.

While the harshness of winter can wear on many of us at times, the winter’s chill tends to aggravate and cause additional pain to those suffering from arthritis. If you know exactly what I am referring to, note that laser therapy for pain is extremely effective. If spending the winter in Florida is a goal to be achieved next year, with these simple tips, you can shovel the driveway safely and help reduce the aggravation caused by the cold weather on your arthritic joints today!

Shoveling Snow

Dress for success (…to successfully reduce aggravation caused by the cold, that is.)

A simple step, but remember to dress in layers. Consider putting your clothes in the dryer to warm them up before dressing (this can be especially helpful on frigid days).  In her post titled, ‘Surviving the Winter with RA’ Lisa Emrich advises that arthritis sufferers avoid gloves that are too tight (restricts blood circulation), and opt for mittens that allow an extra layer or ‘hand warmers,’ as needed.  Regardless, ensure that you have comfortable gloves or mittens that will allow you to use your hands as you require- you’re less likely to take them off if they are functional.

Winter Clothing

Look down- your choice of footwear is extremely important

Ensure that your boots will keep your feet warm and dry, and that your footwear feature slip-resistant soles and good tread. Be mindful of the conditions when you’re walking, as ice and slush can cause you to fall. Take short steps (and ‘walk like a penguin’) to avoid falling.

different winter boots

Allow your car to warm up

If traveling by car, allow it to warm up if parked in an outdoor car park. Consider purchasing a remote car starter. Be safe, and take care not to idle long, but letting it warm up for even a couple of minutes may be helpful to keep you warm.

If a remote car starter is for you, you can even start your car from the comfort of your living room while finishing your morning coffee! (Please follow all safety precautions and instructions as directed by the remote car starter manufacturer.)

Snow covered car

“Shoveling- It Doesn’t Have to be a Pain in the… Everything.

Before shoveling your driveway/walkway, ensure that your shovel is the correct size. A shovel without a proper grip or a shovel that is too long or too short can cause you unnecessary strain. There are even ‘ergonomic’ shovels sold online and at your local hardware store.

Laurie Saloman of recommends that you do not delay shoveling, as “it’s easier to clear three inches twice than it is to tackle six inches of packed powder.” Arthritis sufferer or not, be mindful of how you move your body (avoid twisting and unsafe lifting).

Shoveling Snow

Take your time, exercise and stay hydrated

Whether you’re shoveling the driveway, going for a walk or running errands as the holiday season approaches, remember to take your time, evaluate your surroundings and enjoy the day!

enjoy the winter day

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Laser Therapy

*Please contact us for a complete list of indications for use applicable in your region.*

neck pain


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