5 Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Robbie Adams December 1st 2017

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The painful condition is often hard to diagnose and its causes are unclear as it is not identifiable by blood work, x-rays, or scans. In its early stages, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are very general and appear similar to those of other conditions. This is where Cold Laser Therapy may be useful as an addition to traditional medical treatments.

Fibromyalgia Infographic and Map


So let’s begin: 5 Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


5. Memory Loss

Fibromyalgia patients may report experiencing problems with concentration and memory loss. These symptoms can occur alongside general symptoms, including chronic headaches, joint problems, restless leg syndrome, sensitivity to noise and light and depression.Memory Loss Picture

4. Muscle Stiffness, Especially in the Morning

Neurological symptoms associated with fibromyalgia may present itself as tingling, burning, stiffness, or numbness throughout the body. These symptoms are similar to those of multiple sclerosis for example. Without adequate rest, the sensations often increase and can become more intense. These symptoms may also be worse in the morning, which can affect your upcoming daily routines including your work or school schedules.

 Shoulder Pain and Cold Laser Therapy

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3. Insomnia

Lack of proper sleep is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and can prove to be one of the most cascading of conditions if untreated. Seventy-five percent of people with fibromyalgia have problems with sleep, and the most common complaints are waking up feeling exhausted. Insomnia, the inability to fall or stay asleep, is also very common and if untreated, it can result in serious conditions, including high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and even heart failure.

Female with Insomnia

2. Extreme Fatigue

Patients with fibromyalgia may experience extreme fatigue to the point that it interferes with personal, social, and occupational life. This may occur in the early stages of the disease and is the second most common symptom of the disorder. The fatigue associated with fibromyalgia has been described as ‘flu like’ and can even occur immediately upon waking up in the morning.

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1. IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

IBS is a common gastrointestinal condition that causes abdominal pain, discomfort, constipation, and diarrhea. IBS often co-exists with fibromyalgia: By the numbers: 75% of people with fibromyalgia have IBS. Both conditions are associated with hypersensitivity of cells to stimuli. In IBS, the intestines are hypersensitive, and in fibromyalgia, the muscle tissues and skin are hypersensitive. Patients with IBS tend to have pain in their pelvic area and problems with digestion.

Person with Stomach Pains

The “severe pain” that made Lady Gaga cancel a performance at the Rock in the Rio music festival in Brazil was fibromyalgia. It’s a condition that can affect anyone.

Lady Gaga


Why is this so hard to treat?

Because a diagnosis may take time, an effective treatment can be delayed. But the situation has improved for many fibromyalgia sufferers. With the influx of research, it is much more treatable now than years in the past.

By the numbers:

  • Gender: about 80% to 90% of people with fibromyalgia are women
  • Age: fibromyalgia usually appears between ages 30 to 60
  • Certain Medical Conditions: people with sleep disorders (such as restless legs or sleep apnea), arthritis, or lupus have a higher risk of fibromyalgia
  • Family History of fibromyalgia
  • Fibromyalgia affects 1% to 5% of Americans
  • Fibromyalgia affects 1% to 3% of Canadians


Info Graphic Fibromyagia


Cold Laser / Low Level Light Therapy to treat Fibromyalgia

Several clinical treatments have been proposed to manage symptoms of fibromyalgia. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) may be a useful tool to treat this dysfunction. (1)

LLLT provided relief from fibromyalgia symptoms in patients and should be further investigated as a therapeutic tool for management in fibromyalgia. (2)

BioFlex Laser

Cold laser therapy is a medical treatment that uses low-level lasers. The technology utilizes super luminous and laser diodes to irradiate diseased or traumatized tissue with photons. These particles of energy are selectively absorbed by the cell membrane and intracellular molecules, resulting in the initiation of a cascade of complex physiological reactions. This leads to the restoration of normal cell structure and function. (3)

  • Cold laser therapy or phototherapy is considered safe. It is non-invasive, painless and drug-free. There have been no reported adverse results or side effects of BioFlex Laser Therapy throughout the company’s nearly 30 year history.
  • *Numerous clinical studies demonstrate the benefits of using LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) For Pain / Cold Laser Therapy / Phototherapy, in the treatment of complications associated with Fibromyalgia.

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