The Clinical User’s Manual. Volume 3.

Author: Fred Kahn MD, FRCS (C)
Source: Meditech International Inc.


Dr. Kahn 3 Volume Texts
Volume III, the Clinical User’s Manual, represents the updated International Version of this document. There are a number of variations with regards to this material, in order to conform to the regulatory requirements of each sovereign state, where the system may be utilized. We recommend that users adhere to these directives, obtain an IRB approval in the U.S. or permission from regulatory bodies in other countries, to apply the system for conditions not yet approved in that particular geographical location.

The manual is essential to both the understanding and application of Low Intensity Laser Therapy. It describes many of the technical aspects of the technology required to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Moreover it provides guidelines for therapeutic application and describes the many combinations and permutations permissible in applying treatment. Careful study of this compilation of strategies is mandatory in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

To produce these texts required the efforts of many individuals and I take this opportunity to acknowledge their contributions and extend my gratitude to them. The list includes: Alex Chan, B.A.(Hons), Michael Patterson, M.Sc., Leslie Perrin, B.A., M.Sc. and many others.

On a final note, I dedicate these volumes to those healthcare practitioners whose objective is to improve patient care.

Fred Kahn, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C).

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