Low level Laser Therapy – The New Therapeutic Dimension. Volume 2.

Author: Fred Kahn MD, FRCS (C)
Source: Meditech International Inc.

Volume II, “Low Intensity Laser Therapy – The New Therapeutic Dimension”, focuses on the treatment of an increasing number of medical conditions where in the past, conventional approaches have been inadequate with regard to clinical outcomes. Most important it provides insight into the healing potential of Laser Therapy and how this can be effectively integrated into the healthcare system. In addition, it reflects on some important aspects of the interaction between light and cells and matters relevant to developing best practice strategies.

In the commentary section, we review the role of governments, insurance companies, HMOs and other gate keepers, who increasingly dictate standards of practice, without really understanding patient needs and the necessity for the institution of therapy – promptly. This must lead one to conclude that greater effort must be directed to bring enlightenment to these areas of endeavour and at the same time, further the education of those engaged in this enterprise.

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