Lateral Epicondyle Tendinopathy: Summary of the Evidence for Physical Therapy Interventions

Authors: Dr. Joseph Anthony, Dr. Angela Fearon, Diana Hughes, Carol Kennedy, Dr. Alex Scott, Michael Yates, Alison Hoens
Source: UBC Department of Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy Association of BC, Vancouver Coastal Research Institute and Providence Healthcare Research Institute
Read the full PDF clinical guideline here.


The purpose of this document is to provide physical therapists with a summary of the evidence for interventions commonly used to manage tendinopathy of the lateral epicondyle. This decision-making tool is evidence-informed and where there is insufficient evidence, expert-informed. It is not intended to replace the clinician’s clinical reasoning skills and inter-professional collaboration. ‘Acute’ refers primarily to symptoms of less than 3 months duration and ‘chronic’ to greater than 3 months. For studies which (1) included participants with symptoms that encompassed both acute and chronic stages or (2) did not clarify the duration of symptoms, the results have been reported within the ‘chronic’ stage.

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