Case Profile: Psoriasis

Author: Fred Kahn MD, FRCS (C)
Source: Meditech International Inc.


Psoriasis (Right Ankle)


  • Lesions are painful, itching and generally uncomfortable
  • Symptoms in existence 2 years
  • Periodic hemorrhage
  • Prior treatments include many different oral medications and topical applications including dressings

Physical Examination on Presentation at Meditech Clinic

  • Dermis thickened and scaly
  • Significant erythema and punctuate hemorrage

Treatment at Meditech Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Remove dressings
  • Cease utilization of all medication
  • Laser treatment 3 times per week

Progress on the Above Regime:

  • After 12 treatments, patient asymptomatic
  • Lesion largely healed
  • Patient no longer conscious of presence of lesions
  • Minimal pigmentation remains and expected to disappear

Final Results

No evidence of recurrence 8 weeks post cessation of treatment


  • Fig. I to II – Initial status
  • Fig. III to IV – Intermediate
  • Fig. V to VI – Most recent status


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