Case Profile: Infected Dermal Ulcers

Author: Fred Kahn MD, FRCS (C)
Source: Meditech International Inc.


Infected Dermal Ulcers Secondary to Periphero-Arterial Occlusive Disease History

  • Patient first noticed ulcer March 2006
  • Previous treatments prior to initiating LILT at Meditech Clinic include:
  • daily dressings
  • antibiotics
  • analgesics
  • topical ointments
  • hyperbaric chamber
  • angioplasty
  • Patient incapacitated
  • Life revolved around treatments
  • Pervasive odour from infection

Physical Examination

  • Dermal ulcers noted almost circumscribing the entire lower tibia, extending from epidermis to periosteum
  • Severe infection
  • Fragments of dressing incorporated in base of ulcer
  • No arterial pulses distal to popliteal which was approximately 1+

Treatment at Meditech Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Removal of dressings
  • Discontinuation of all drugs, except analgesics p.r.n.
  • Cleansing of wound with dilute H2O2 qid
  • Saline compresses during night
  • Laser therapy q2d

Most Recent Status

  • Patient totally active
  • Wounds left open
  • Patient asymptomatic
  • Requires no medications
  • No odour
  • Progressive healing


  • Patient lives over 2 hours away from clinic, therefore a Home System was provided for daily use and will be re-evaluated in 3 weeks
  • With progress demonstrated, anticipate complete healing within a month


  • Fig. I to III – Initial status
  • Fig. IV to VI – Intermediate stage
  • Fig. VII to IX – Most recent results


  • Fig. X to XII – Initial status
  • Fig. XIII to XV – Intermediate stage
  • Fig. XVI to XIII – Most recent results



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