Action of Therapeutic Laser and Ultrasound in peripheral nerve regeneration

Authors: Fabríco Borges Oliveira, Valéria Martins Dias Pereira, Ana Paula Nassif Tondato da Trindade, Antônio Carlos Shimano, Ronaldo Eugênio Calcada Dias Gabrial, Ana Paula Oliveira Borges

Source: Acta Ortop Bras. 2012;20(2): 98-103

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To assess the efficacy of early therapeutic laser and ultrasound in the regeneration process of an injury in rats.


We used 24 rats. Eighteen underwent surgery for sciatic nerve compression by a hemostat above the popliteal fossa. The animals were divided into three groups of six animals each. Normal control group. GI: Injured control without therapeutic intervention. GII: laser ArGaAl therapeutic intervention. GIII: therapeutic intervention of Pulsed Ultrasound. We begin therapeutic interventions 24 hours after injury, with daily applications for a period of fourteen consecutive days.


In assessing the girth of the muscles of the right they, the following average decrease (in mm) for each GI: 0.45, GII: 0.42, GIII: 0.40 In relation to travel time, both GII and GIII presented significant difference when compared to GI. In the final evaluation of the IFC, GII excelled in the GIII. As for the healing observed, a major great improvement was observed in GII and GIII.


The results showed that nerve recovery was higher with the laser application.

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