Case Profile: Eczema

Author: Fred Kahn MD, FRCS (C)
Source: Meditech International Inc.


Eczema of Undetermined Etiology History

  • Severe rash of both hands present for 4 years
  • Progressive in nature with regard to thickening of skin, itchiness and generalized discomfort
  • Periodic hemorrhage
  • Difficult to use hands in normal fashion and unable to hold golf club due to discomfort
  • Prior treatments include topical ointments and medications with no significant effect

Physical Examination on Presentation at Meditech Clinic

  • Erythematous – purplish scaly lesions covering palmar aspect and dorsum of both hands; most pronounced in palmar area, wrist and base of digits
  • Punctuate hemorrhage noted
  • Areas moderately tender to palpation

Treatment at Meditech Rehabilitation Clinic

  • Low Intensity Laser Therapy 3 times per week
  • Avoidance of soaps / other irritants / topical medications
  • Progress on the Above Regime
  • Rash largely disappeared on plantar surface and totally on dorsum after 8 treatments
  • Able to use hands normally without discomfort
  • No medication required


  • Fig. I to II – Initial status
  • Fig. III to IV – Intermediate stage
  • Fig. V to VI – Condition at discharge

Close-up of Right Hand:

  • Fig. VII to VIII – Initial status
  • Fig. IX to X – Intermediate stage
  • Fig. XI to XII – Condition at discharge



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